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The BMW R1200RT is also featuring an ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) with damping, spring. New water-cooled BMW R1200RT top speed run. It's a bit faster than outgoing model, however, it's very responsive around 200km/h due to slightly more power an.. The manual states not to exceed 120mph with the top box on as it will impact the way the bike handles

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4 out of 5 (4/5) New 1200 version of the BMW R1150RT, as debuted on the BMW R1200GS the year before, delivered 110bhp, 15% up on the old 1150 engine. And you notice it, too. The BMW R1200RT is. Top speed of the BMW R1200R is also recorded. The motorcycle has high windshield, topcase and Akrapovic... 2015 BMW R1200R does acceleration from 0 to 200 km/h Top speed & performance: Max power: 110 bhp: Max torque: 85 ft-lb: Top speed: 140 mph: 1/4 mile acceleration-Tank range: 245 mile I had the opportunity to see what my top end would be on my '06 R1200RT at an old abandoned airport runway. All it could do was 110 mph. I was changing gears at 7500 rpm. I just thought it should be 130-140 range

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On his freeway stint up to Oregon at 75-85 mph, Kenny averaged 52 mpg, which combined with a generous 7.1-gallon tank means that its rider will probably be ready to stop before the RT will. BMW has long been a reliable source for mile-munching touring bikes, and the R1200RT might be its best one yet 780-800 mm / 30,7-31,5 in - R1200RT (1-2 generations, low seat) 750 mm / 29,5 in - R1200RT (low suspension) 805-825 mm / 31,7-32,5 in - R1200RT (3rd generation) 760-780 mm / 29,9-30,7 in - R1200RT (3rd generation, low seat) 830-850 mm / 32,7-33,5 in - R1200RT (3rd generation, comfort seat) Wheelbase. 1485 mm / 58,5 in Top speed: 222 km/h (138 mph) 3: Fuel system (type) Fuel Injection: DRIVE TRAIN: Clutch: Single dry plate, hydraulic operated Wet multi-plate, hydraulic operated - R1200R (from 3rd generation) Transmission: 6-speed: Final drive: Shaft: Gear ratio I II III IV V VI: 2.277 - I; 2.375 - II; 2.438 - III 1.583 - I; 1.696 - II; 1.714 - III 1.259 - I; 1.296 - II, II The engine is the same as in the big R1200RT tourer. Since the R1200R weighs considerably less than the RT it feels strong and powerful enough for all sorts of antics. The power output is 109bhp @7,500 rpm and 115Nm @6,000rpm by using premium RON98 grade fuel With 110 hp (82 kW) and 85 lbf⋅ft (115 N⋅m) of torque, the R1200RT is suitable for long-distance touring carrying a rider and passenger and a full load of luggage; and is able to reach 135 mph (217 km/h) and do a standing quarter mile in 12.2 seconds. In November 2009, BMW announced some revisions to the R1200RT for the 2010 model year

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BMW C 400 X Scooter Top Speed; BMW C 650 GT Scooter Top Speed; BMW S1000RR Top Speed; BMW HP4 RACE Top Speed; BMW R1200RS Top Speed; BMW C evolution Top Speed; The BMW R1200RS is a sport-touring motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad. The Sports Tourer is mostly based on the liquid-cooled roadster R1200R. The BMW R1200RS bike was introduced in September 2014 at the Intermot Top speed: 130.8 mph (210.5 km/h) Power: 81 kW (109 hp) @ 7,750 rpm 70.42 kW (94.43 hp) (rear wheel) 92 kW (123 hp) @ 7,750 rpm (LC) Torque: 97.38 N⋅m (71.82 lbf⋅ft) (rear wheel) Transmission: 6-speed manual, shaft-drive: Suspension: Front: BMW Telelever Rear: BMW Paralever Optional electronic adjustment: Brakes: Front And Triumph started building Speed Twins in 1938, with a slight respite in production beginning in 1966 that lasted until 2019. To the BMW's 1170cc air-/oil-cooled Boxer twin, the Triumph counters with an updated and lightened version of the Hi-Power 1200cc 270-degree crank parallel-Twin that was available previously only in the Thruxton | ||| |LIST PRICE|$23,258| |IMPORTER|BMW of North America, Inc. 300 Chestnut Ridge Rd. Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07675 www.bmwmotorcycles.com| |CUSTOMER SERVICE PHONE|800/831-1117| |WARRANTY|3 yr./36,000. 2012 BMW R1200RT - American Specifications/Technical DetailsUS MSRP Price: $17,350 USD. Engine. Type Air/oil-cooled flat twin ('Boxer') 4-stroke engine, two camshafts and four radially aligned valves per cylinder, central balancer shaft. Bore x stroke 101 mm x 73 mm. Capacity 1,170 cc. Rated output 110 hp (81 kW) at 7,750 rpm

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  1. Over the whole trip we averaged 53mpg, getting just under 200 miles before the fuel light came on. Other riders warned that low-mileage BMW twins can use oil until properly loosened up, but this one (which had 350 miles on the clock when we collected it) didn't use any in 2100 miles
  2. 2005 — 2013 R1200RT Click here for the 2014-2018 BMW R1200RT by Jeff Dean. Below: A 2007 R1200RT near Tucson, Arizona. It is a fully equipped Biarritz blue 2007 BMW R1200RT with color-matched top case, BMW tank bag (not Shown), Rick Mayer saddles, Cee Bailey windshield, a set of BMR Driving Light Mounts with PIAA halogen driving lights, Motolight driving lights, and Cee Bailey saddle bag liners
  3. BMW R1200R Review. The R1200R is a vastly overlooked bike as it really puts the 1,200cc engine to great use, can tour with ease but also looks cool scratching to the local cafe for a sandwich. . - Rating: 10 / 10. Plenty of power, extremely flexible engine, comfort, weight is low down, quite a following

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Without panniers, the R1200RT has a dry weight of only 505 lb (229 kg), 571 lb (259 kg) wet and ready to ride. This frame was once shared by boxer sport bikes within the range, the retired R1200S. Top Speed R1200R Why does my R1200R fade out at 120 MPH? Coming From what I've read, the rev limiters on the 1200s are set higher than 120 mph in top gear. Dean O (Dean's BMW) on AdvRider claims his ST would easily hit the rev limiter in 6th (151 - 152 mph indicated),. BMW Travel Tourer R1200RT (2014-2018) bikes for sale and free price guide. Home. BMW. include the Akrapovic silencers, Corona Ring headlight, dynamic electronically adjustable suspension (ESA), 49 litre top box, multimedia upgrade, additional ride modes, hill hold control Top Speed: 135 mph / 217 km/h (high) Economy: 45 mpg / 6.3 L.

The R1200 GS is equipped with a two-cylinder boxer engine and is just one of the many bikes in BMW's GS family of bikes. The GS family refers to a group of motorcycles that are dual-sport, meaning they are designed for use both on the road and off of it. The R1200 GS has a top speed of 130-miles per hour and has been featured in films and TV BMW R1200. mars 29, because on the 1200 it is not possible. Nor is it possible to adjust the idle speed. This is all done via the stepper motors by the computer. I like to take a minimum 10 minutes ride. I also do the TB sync AFTER adjusting the valves to ensure the best results. See the R1200 24K service link for details No wonder that the BMW R1200 boxers are so popular: They're strong, reliable, and have plenty of power for all kind of real life use. But unfortunately the R1200 engine shares the same low-end fueling issues that haunt all modern fuel injected bikes. So the fuel injection requires a little tuning to perform the best they can BMW Top Case/Top Box 49L R1200RT R1250RT K1600 GT. Central Locking, We keep all postage receipts in the unlikely event that a package gets lost or damaged in transit. Details: white, case/top, central, locking, light, carpet, topcase, painted, aluminium, metallic. Nuneaton. See complete description

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  1. BMW Top Case (31 Liter) F650GS / F650GS Dakar / F650CS / G650X Models. £250.56. £238.03. Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost. -5%. BMW Top Case Vario Set R1200GS (K25 2004-2012) £411.51. £390.93
  2. BMW R1200 RT is available in 3 colours and Triumph Speed Triple 1200 RS is available in 2 colours and 1 variant. Apart from prices, you can also find comparison of these bikes based on displacement, mileage, performance, and many more parameters. Comparison between these bikes have been carried out to help users make correct buying decision.
  3. Top speed flights of fancy were never part of its design brief. That being said, it does feel a bit flat on top, at least compared to other 100 rwhp bikes I've owned. Lord knows it rips like a maniac on top compared to that '97, but it seems like it could pull with a bit more urgency above 6K
  4. The Revolutionary 1100cc 1996-2001 BMW R1100RT by Jeff Dean. Click here to see photos of the R1200RT! In its December 2000 issue, Motorcyclist named the BMW R1100RT the Best Tourer in its Best of Motorcycling 2000 Awards.Motorcyclist called it one of the only rational touring bikes we know

De BMW R 1200 C-serie is een serie motorfietsen van het merk BMW.Hoewel deze cruisers een 1200cc-boxermotor hadden, vallen ze niet binnen de R 1200-serie.De cruisers werden immers al vanaf 1997 geproduceerd, toen de R 1150-serie nog niet eens in productie was gekomen. De R 1200-serie zou pas in 2004 ten tonele verschijnen Bmw R1200rt 2014 On Review Speed Specs Prices Mcn Bmw R1200rt 2006 2006 Bmw R1200rt Recalls Bmw R 1200 Rt 2013 Bmw R 1200 Rt Pictures Photos Wallpapers Top Speed 2016 Bmw R1200rt Review Doubleclutch Ca Bmw Motorrad Model Revision Measures For Model Year 2020 Bmw R. Total Boards: 28. Most Online: 6,177. First, I would like to welcome everyone to this BMW R1200RT board. I have in mind a clean and easy to use board - without any advertising or other flipping and rotating images all over. Main section is probably the Forum, but also find a Gallery (Also for short videos),and the Download section BMW R1200GS / R1200 Throttle Body Synchronisation (Synchronization) See also: R1200GS / R1200 24000m Service. AndyW - usual warning, refer to the BMW workshop manual. Instructions / photo pictorial for carrying out a TBS (throttle body sync / synchronisation) on you R1200GS / R1200 series BMW motorcycle. By Jim Von Bade 2012 BMW R1200RT. There is a world out there waiting to be discovered. With an output of 110 hp and 120Nm of torque, the BMW R1200RT is a motorcycle built for beautiful touring moments. The chassis is equipped with the BMW Motorrad Telelever and Paralever for ease of use, while the EVO brakes with partially integral version of BMW Motorrad.

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Aug 24, 2015 - BMW Motorrad Police Motors.The R 1200 RT-P clocked a top speed of 141 MPH at the Michigan State Police Vehicle Testing. #PoliceMotorcycles #Setco I know, I know. I'm not that old. Mentally I feel 21. However, I definitely cannot lean over on a sporty bike anymore for more than 10 minutes. That's really the only reason why I call it the Perfect Bike for this Speedy Old Lady. I'm not planning on upgrading or trading in Goldie anyt

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Buy BMW Top Case (49 liter) R1200RT (K52 2014-) R1250RT (2019) white aluminium metallic matt for cheap money at bmw-motorrad-bohling.com! Order BMW Top Case (49 liter) R1200RT (K52 2014-) R1250RT (2019) white aluminium metallic matt 77 43 8 544 630 by BMW now online Fast Shipping! BMW's R1200R is a fine the S1000R's forward cant from the saddle meets freeway-speed windblast just about The difference between riding positions on the R1200R (top) and S1000R. BMW Top Case K1600GT / R1200RT / R1250RT. Increase the cargo capacity of your BMW with this innovative top case. It features a cavernous main compartment with 49 liters of storage. That's big enough to fit 2 helmets! Unlike other top cases on the market, BMW has added gas lid struts for added convenience. Gone are the days of you lid falling on. BMW distinguishes the trio by colour: blue paint for the standard R1200R and white for the Sport, which adds two additional riding modes plus a gearbox quick-shifter and the flyscreen and belly-pan

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  1. New BMW R1200 GS 2020: Prices, Specifications, Speed, Test, PHOTOS Do you like adventurous motorcycles? Then get to know the new BMW R1200 GS 2020 , a two-wheeled machine prepared with the latest technology that offers comfort, safety and performance
  2. 2014 BMW R 1200 RT, LIQUID COOLED R1200RT IN GOOD SHAPE! 2014 is the first year for the watercooled R1200RT, resulting in more power, better handling and lower cost of ownership over the previous air-/oilcooled RT's This one-owner bike has currently 52584 miles on the odometer.This RT is equipped with ABS brakes, traction control, ride modes, ESA suspension, heated seats, heated grips, GPS.
  3. Research 2021 BMW R1200 pricing, specs, read our expert reviews or compare it against your favourite cars
  4. 2015 BMW R1200R - First Ride. A great it's time to take notice that this version has its throttle bodies on top of the heads, Drive is through a six-speed gearbox with a wet, anti-hopping,.

Universal BMW CAN-BUS 12V Power Connector w/ Cable for GPS, Outlets, or other Electronics GPS Mounting Bracket, Above Gauges, KTM Super Adventure R / S (2022-) Zega Topcase Rack, KTM 1290 Super Adventure R / S (2022- Current Ride - Blue 2007 R1200RT (with all the electronic goodies) Past rides - '06 Kawasaki KLX250S dual sport, '04 BMW R1150R, '01 Kawasaki ZX9R, '01 Honda CBR600F4i Cages - '07 Nissan Versa S Hatchback (6 speed), '06 Nissan Altima 2.5 (auto, wife's car No wonder the BMW top brass are so enthused. BMW R1200R. Engine: 1,170cc boxer twin. Power (hp): 125@7,750rpm. Torque (lb ft): 92@6,500rpm. Top speed: 155mph (est) Weight: 231kg (wet) MPG: 50mpg.

The R1200 GS is BMW's top-selling motorcycle across the globe and became famous after the 'Long Way Down' and 'Long Way Round' trips by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. The R1200 GS is powered by a 1170cc liquid-cooled boxer-twin engine mated to a six-speed transmission BMW R1200R/R1250R LC Technical Forum. Smoother cruise control switch. serrge · 4 d ago · dbyker replied 3 d ago. 17. S. New Member Introductions. Triumph owner exploring the waters. Shanman · 6 d ago · sturgeon replied 2 d ago. 23 BMW R1200RT Low km A great touring bike with many extras which include: Gear shift assist-Garmin GPS- Handle bar risers- BMW top box with brake light and chrome trim- Paint protecting plastic film-Engine bars-Pannier liner bags- Owners manual on disc Reluctant sale due to medical reasons. Contactless. $18,000. Leura, NSW

Find BMW R1200RS bikes for sale on Auto Trader, today. With the best range of second hand BMW R1200RS bikes across the UK, find the right bike for you 2008 BMW R1200R 1200 R Specifications, Model Information, and Photo

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  1. BMW R1200RT Description. BMW 1200 RT, 2006/06, 37,984 Miles, in nice condition and comes with the full BMW book pack and 2 keys, this bike has had just 3 previous owners and comes with FSH to the mileage having had 10 service stamp entries, also has the BMW luggage plus a top box, a nice light weight Remus end can, ABS works just as it should, local owner and very very well maintained, super.
  2. Red LED USB & Type C Charger Motorcycle Power Outlet Adapter For BMW DIN Socket (Fits: BMW R1200RT-P) $15.65. Was: $17.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer
  3. Fit For BMW R1200GS R1250GS ADV G310GS F750GS F850GS K1600 Motorcycle Fog Light (Fits: BMW R1200R) $117.78. Was: $136.95. Free shipping. or Best Offer
  4. BMW Motorrad and the roadster with the flat-twin boxer engine - it's a partnership that has kept enthusiasts enthralled ever since the arrival of the R 32 some 91 years ago, during which time the roadster has come to symbolise the ultimate in unadulterated motorcycling pleasure. The new R1200R upholds this tradition of comfort, dynamism and touring capability, at the same time as putting a.
  5. The 2011 BMW R 1200 R More: R1200R Photos from EICMA 2010 Sections On This Page Include: Overall concept. Technology and design. Equipment program. Paint finishes. Technical specifications. Engine output and torque. More: R1200R Touring Special October 31, 2010

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  1. 2018 BMW K1600 Bagger Bosch Speed Sensor Module 61358388688. This Bosch Speed Sensor Module was parted off the described vehicle that had unkown original miles at the time of disassembly. All pictures included are taken of the actual parts that will be received if you buy. All our parts have been inspected. If they have damage or heavy wear, it.
  2. BMW R1200 RS and R1200 R Serket Slip-on Stainless Steel BMW R1200RT Shad Top Box and Fitting Kit; next post: BMW R1200 RS Serket Slip-on Black Ceramic Scorpion Our blog is about various bike related things, from land speed racing to basic servicing with a bit of short circuit racing and the odd epic cock up. FreakLizard Shop. Company Info
  3. 2016 BMW R1200R Parts & Accessories at RevZilla.com. Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices - Guarantee
  4. Hi, for sale ex police bike, 2009 bmw r1200rt. Moted, heated grips,side boxes, top box, tilting windshield, the reason for spsres, has some age marks, and scratches. Cash sale any questions don't hesitate to contact m
  5. TESTED: 2011 BMW R1200RT reader review. The electrically-powered movable screen is always useful, as you can position it to suit the speed and level of wind-blast that you want. Motorcycle Sport & Leisure magazine is the original and best bike mag. Established in 1962,.
  6. The four-cylinder difference also means that the R1200RT needs to rev higher to do its job, and that means higher RPMs at cruising speeds and more downshifts when you need to pass. I've rolled on the throttle (not even all the way to wide open throttle) on the K1600 from about 35mph in top gear and the acceleration is better than some bikes when they are wide open
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The BMW R1200 might be an expensive bike but it is not expensive to run. The fuel consumption of the BMW R1200 is pretty decent as it averages at about 48 miles per gallon. However, if you ride at high speeds of about 100+mph then the average can drop to 30 miles per gallon. The average of the bike tends to vary with the speeds The BMW R1200RT has been a popular model for law enforcement services worldwide. The BMW R1200R, introduced in 2006, is the no-frills, go anywhere, do anything BMW R1200 model. It was also the last R model to adapt from the previous 1150cc Boxer to the larger displacement 1170cc engine. The naked BMW R1200R is adaptive to what its owner wants. 2008 BMW R1200RT gallery. BMW R1200RT 2008 #1. 800 1024 1280 1600 origin. 800 1024 1280 1600 origin. BMW R1200RT 2008 #2. 800 1024 1280 1600 origin. BMW R1200RT 2008 #3. 800 1024 1280 1600 origin. BMW R1200RT 2008 #4

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BMW R1200RT Suspension. Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by Weird Bug, Jan 9, 2009. Weird Bug if you are not smooth in corners (changing speed in the turn with throttle or braking in the turn) the bike's attitude changes drastically (unlike the more forgiving GS). so at best - you will net nothing extra for the Farkles The BMW R1200RT sets the bar for comfort, power and luxury; but don't be deceived by this ultimate tourer. The RT can be as agile as any sport bike if given the opportunity. A power adjusting windshield, heated seats and hand grips, cruise control, stereo radio, mp3 and bluetooth capability make this machine capable of transporting you across the region or country in style and comfort The only setback is that its heft and weight can take some getting used to. The 6-speed gearbox, 98bhp boxer twin, and 1085cc power are sleek, and the S' road handling is astonishingly good. It has an fuel economy of between 30mpg and 60mpg. 2008/2009 BMW S1000RR. The 2008/9 BMW S1000RR is most definitely one of our favorites on this list BMW R1200 Throttle Body Sync: If you are interested in a Video Version covering everything needed for the R1200 36K service, go to Sales button on this site. Caution: This pictorial is for informational purposes only. I accept no responsibility for accuracy, or any damage caused to your motorcycle if you choose to perform these maintenance items

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2015 BMW R1200RT R 1200 RT LC BARGAIN!! 7500 Miles, TOTAL SPEC, NO RESERVE SALE! bidforbikes. (5 of 5 points. 1003 pos. ratings) £6,095.00. £0.00. 7D 8Hrs 38Min 3Sec. BMW R1200RT 2007 MOT July 2022 97,140 miles panniers and pannier bags R1200RT (14-18) Shop our easy to use BMW Motorcycle Parts Catalog to find the parts you need for your R1200RT 2014, 2015, 2016, or 2017 bike. We pride ourselves in having the most easy to use BMW Motorcycle Parts Fiche on the market for all of your bike needs. Free shipping to the lower 48 States Le migliori offerte per BMW r1200rt k52 speeds top case BMW Originale Nuovo Accessori sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis Bmw R 1200 Gs Adventure Motorcycles For Sale In Australia. Clear Headlight Guard Bmw R1200 1250 Gs Adventure Water Cooled. Bmw R1200gs 2017 On Review Speed Specs Prices Mcn. Pml Online Shop Bmw R1200 Gs Pedal. Lihat Lebih Dekat Bmw R 1200 Gs Polisi Indonesia. 1999 Bmw R1200 Stock Photo 10328463 Alamy

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2014 BMW R1200RT and 2014 Yamaha FJR1300ES As times change, allegiances change. With the departure of the K 1300 GT, the R 1200 RT steps into the breach as BMW's mid-size sport-tourer BMW R1200 gets its power from a 1,170cc, air/liquid cooled, flat twin, four-stroke engine that comes mated to a six-speed constant mesh gearbox and uses wet multiplate clutch assembly. It churns out a net power of 125hp at 7,750rpm with a maximum torque of 125Nm at 6,500rpm and employs electronic fuel injection system for crisp throttle response and superior power output Front Brake Caliper Cover Set, BMW R1200GS / ADV / R / RS / R9T / RT, 2013-on Water Cooled, S1000XR. $84.95. Item # 045-517X Police Bike handling for the BMW R1200 RT Police bikes mods like this one https: This handling is slightly faster and more realistic to the real life BMW R1200 RT with similar acceleration + top speed (~220kmh+) and will allow you to chase the criminals in your modded car

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BMW R1200 RT. The RT has a air/water-cooled BMW boxer engine with even more torque and 125 bhp for powerful propulsion. Full power in every speed range with BMW ShiftCam. clear menu navigation and highly integrated operating concept put the new R 1250 RT at the top of the range of serial production motorcycles USED BIKE TEST: BMW R1200R review. 10th August 2012 Bike Reviews. A big hit in Europe, the R has become one of the best sellers in the basic-spec naked bike class. Big gears and low rpm still have the engine delivering decent acceleration and speed,. Your 2017 BMW R1200RT is your energy release. We strive to help you keep your bike giving you the best performance possible, while having the looks that will make others stare. We carry all motorcycle accessories and parts you may need to send your motorcycle down the road looking and running better than the day it rolled off the factory floor