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Check out some of the coolest and quirkiest ground speed world records and videos. Impress your friends by breaking or inventing your own ground speed world records on Recordsetter.com The official land-speed record (measured over one mile) is 1,227.985 km/h (763.035 mi/h) (Mach 1.020), set by Andy Green (UK) on 15 October 1997 in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA, in Thrust SSC Speed (km/h) Speed (mph) Vehicle Operator Date Certifier References Land speed record: 1,227.985: 763.035: ThrustSSC: Andy Green: 15 Oct 1997 FIA: Wheel-driven: 745.187: 463.038: Vesco Turbinator II: Dave Spangler 14 Aug 2018 SCTA: Piston-engine: 722.204: 448.757: Challenger 2: Danny Thompson: 12 Aug 2018 SCTA: Motorcycle: 605.698: 376.363: Ack Attac

I just noticed my ground speed was 590 knots...which is faster than I've gone in a long time (I've mostly been in the NGX). I'm using real time weather (ASE) at FL340 and a CI of 150. I'd like this thread to become something like http://www.groundspeedrecords.com/. regards Edit:PS I later got to 605 between Newfoundland and Iceland About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Tech It Out: China to set a new speed record in ground transportation - YouTube. Tech It Out: China to set a new speed record in ground transportation. Watch later. Share The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird holds the official Air Speed Record for a manned airbreathing jet engine aircraft with a speed of 3,530 km/h (2,190 mph). The record was set on 28 July 1976 by Eldon W. Joersz and George T. Morgan Jr. near Beale Air Force Base, California, USA. It was able to take off and land unassisted on conventional runways Denise Mueller-Korenek shattered the previous land-speed record for the fastest human on a bicycle on earth. We were with her when she did it. Video: Andria.

Segrave Trophy (1955) Donald Malcolm Campbell, CBE (23 March 1921 - 4 January 1967) was a British speed record breaker who broke eight absolute world speed records on water and on land in the 1950s and 1960s. He remains the only person to set both world land and water speed records in the same year (1964) Speed records climbed gradually past 100 mph, then 200 mph, all the way up to just a hair over the speed of sound in 1997. That record, 763.035 mph [Mach 1.016] has stood strong since then. There are a few teams working to break that record, possibly in the next couple of years. Current Land Speed Record Contenders December 14, 2018 ·. First submission of a #groundspeedrecord for the A350-1000 by #CathayPacific of 687kts! 3838. 3 Comments 3 Shares. Like Comment Share. Ground Speed Records. December 10, 2017 ·. A300-600 reaching 656kts groundspeed. 3rd fastest of this type ever recorded!!! 1010 MGSV: Ground Zeroes Speedrun - Fastest Completion [3:43] [World Record] Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. The LandSpeederIV is a fictional jet-propelled land vehicle designed to break the real life all-time record of land speed. The vehicle can stay on the ground easily, and has a low aerodynamic profile, with every part streamilned. The ground clearence is barely enough to fit a book under

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  1. Thanks to Storm Ciara, the 747-400 saw a peak ground speed of 825mph. On Sunday, February 9, British Airways flight 112, a 747-400 (tail number G-CIVP), set a new record for fastest subsonic.
  2. This is lower than a 1931 record of 55 °C (131 °F) recorded in Kebili, Tunisia and is matched by a 1942 record of 54 °C (129 °F) from Tirat Zvi, Israel. 2016 and 2017 readings in Kuwait and Iran have also matched the 2013 Death Valley record. The WMO has stated they stand by the 1913 record pending any future investigations
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  1. Nighthawk 14's ground speed record for the Airbus A380. 237 knts maximum. Falcon 1529 during his record breaking flight. York13 made it to FL970, far outpacing Official's height. Official goes about the same speed in another attempt at beating his own ground record
  2. That measure comes from the 250 millibar pressure level, meaning it was at a height above 75 percent of the atmosphere's mass. It sets the record for the fastest 250 millibar wind speed ever..
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  4. And on Friday, yet another Norwegian plane used the jet stream to set a new speed record for a subsonic transatlantic crossing. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner went from New York's JFK Airport to..
  5. The last outright record to be set at Bonneville Salt Flats was on October 23, 1970, when Gary Gabelich's rocket-powered Blue Flame peaked at 1,014.656kph, making him the first to exceed 1,000kph.

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Rolls-Royce has been one of the familiar names in the very early electric aircraft market. Its fully electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation is on the verge of attempting a new top speed record.

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Land Speed Record. Fascinating facts on the history, heroes and cars of the land speed recordin numbers. View the complete timeline of speed records, or view pages for individual cars by following the links below LIST OF FIA ABSOLUTE WORLD RECORDS / LISTE DES RECORDS DU MONDE ABSOLU FIA CAT. GRP. CL. START Départ: MPH Km/h: VEHICLE Véhicule CONSTRUCTOR Constructeur: DATE dd/mm/yyyy VENUE LIEU: COUNTRY Pays C: TH JE: 1 km: FS 760.343: 1'223.657 Thrust SSC: Thrust 15.10.1997: Black Rock Desert USA: C TH: JE 1: M FS: 763.035 1'227.985: Thrust SSC Thrust The Air speed keeps the plane in the air not the ground speed If you have a small plane like a Cessna 150, a 60+ miles / hr head wind can make it Liftoff from ground with engines off and have a ground speed of 0. Groundseed: if u r a hitchhiker standing still on the side of the road, how fast the plane/car/bycicle passes you

Technically, the land speed record for a bicycle is held by Bruce Bursford, who pedaled to an astonishing 208 mph in August, 1995. Bursford's record carries a caveat, however: He was sitting on a specially designed, stationary bike with helium-filled tires and a two-foot chain ring, set on rollers Land speed records generally bring to mind the streamliners as the scream across the Bonneville Salt Flats at speeds of over 750 miles per hour, but there's actually more to setting land speed records than just the streamliners. There are different racing categories as well as classes for the cars, the motorcycles and even the go karts and bar stools (of all things) Impossible: Setting a land-speed record at the Bonneville Salt flats 36 years after you've passed away. And yet, here we are, in the year 2014, and a new record has appeared in the most recent.

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Jaguar has sent its I-Pace EV to provide ground support for a UK-led program trying to claim the electric flight speed record later this year. The target speed is at least 300 mph (482 kph. Fedotov's absolute record for altitude is for a ground-launched airplane. Another requirement for setting an official record is that an observer from either the National Aeronautic Association (NAA) or its umbrella organization, the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), be present during the record-setting attempt Colty. 2.32K subscribers. Subscribe. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes S Rank Speed Run OLD WORLD RECORD (3:54.870) UNDER FOUR MINUTES. 21/42. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device A Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787 Dreamliner appears to have set a brand new speed record after reaching 801mph over the US on Monday night (file picture) However, the huge speed didn't last for long.

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Moments later,a Twin Beech required the same. '120 knots,' Center answered. We weren't the only ones proud of our ground speed that dayas almost instantly an F-18 smugly transmitted, 'Ah, Center, Dusty 52 requests ground speed readout.' There was a slight pause, then the response, '620 knots on the ground, Dusty.'. Another silent pause Back in 1965, Lee Breedlove set the women's land speed record on Utah's Salt Lake Flats with an average speed of 308.51 mph (496.49 km/h) over four runs. That record stood for 48 years until. Now, we have our answer: break speed records. In an Instagram post, Musk confirms that he broke the just-set record with the pod, hitting a speed of 355 km/h (220 mph). He thinks he will be able. The all-electric Jaguar I-PACE is the towing and support vehicle for a UK-led programme aiming to claim the electric flight speed record later this year, with a target of 300+mph. The Rolls-Royce 'Spirit of Innovation' team has already completed key ground-testing and taxiing ahead of the first test flights in a matter of months, ably supported throughout by the I-PACE Ground Zeroes - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes - speedrun.com. Any% Stealth, No Kills. Level: Ground Zeroes. Guinness World Records: New Game New Game +. Single Segment Multi Segment. Reflex No Reflex. Regions. Any region USA / NTSC EUR / PAL JPN / NTSC

World Record: Woman Rides Bicycle To 183.9 MPH Denise Mueller-Korenek, 45, has become the fastest human ever to ride a bicycle over open ground, racing in the draft provided by a dragster LOCH Ness could become the testing ground in a bid to smash the world water speed record - 64 years after a British racing driver died during his attempt at the title China may also get a major boost in the speed of its bullet trains. A prototype maglev train unveiled recently at Southwest Jiaotong University in Chengdu aims to set a new speed record for trains - the current record of 603 kilometers per hour is held by Japan's SCMaglev. China's answer to it is 620. Open in CGTN APP for better experience Rolls-Royce Attempting 100% Electric Aircraft Speed Record, Jaguar I-PACE Offering Ground Support. Zachary Shahan July 18, 2021 Rolls-Royce has been one of the familiar names in the very early electric aircraft market. Its.

A driver has died during a British land speed record attempt. The fatal accident occurred at Elvington Airfield, a former RAF base near York, governing body Motorsport UK said. It said the driver. Ground Zeroes Metal Gear series. 2014. PS3, X360, PS4, XboxOne, PC, PS5, XboxSeriesX. Full-game Leaderboard Level Leaderboard View all Ground Zeroes Eliminate the. Whaat? 1952 Ford 8N sets land speed record of 96.3185 mph. By Other News-December 18, 2015. 0. 6442. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. FLETCHER, N.C Jaguar I-PACE provides ground support for all-electric flight speed record bid. The all-electric Jaguar I-PACE is the towing and support vehicle for a UK-led programme aiming to claim the electric flight speed record later this year, with a target of 300+mph. The Rolls-Royce 'Spirit of Innovation' team has already completed key ground.

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Records may be made to be broken, but the laws of physics aren't even supposed to bend. Which makes it all the weirder that the Koenigsegg Agera RS just set a new production car speed record. Automotive Minute: Georgia native sets indoor land speed record in a Porsche Taycan A native of Dublin, Ga., now owns a Guinness World Record for speed. 4 months ago | Dublin, United States. BIAS DISTRIBUTION. C 100%. Share Bias Report. ALL ARTICLES. ALL Left Center Right. Bias. The Business Journals C General Chuck Yeager, the first man to fly faster than the speed of sound, died on Dec. 7. He was 97 years old. While not a racecar driver, Yeager's name is synonymous with speed, and he brought. History of British land speed records; BBC News article on Richard Hammond's September 2006 British land speed record attempt and cras Find historical weather by searching for a city, zip code, or airport code. Include a date for which you would like to see weather history. You can select a range of dates in the results on the.

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Helped me calibrate my speedometer Some of you may know that auto manufacturers will set a corrected speed to show on your dash. This is often between 5-10% over your true speed which is displayed on those speed readers on the side of the road next to speed limit signs (AND this app) Near supersonic speed: Boeing 777 catches jet stream, makes NY-London in 5 hours. A British Airways flight traveling from New York to London Heathrow broke a record as it approached the speed of sound after riding a powerful jet stream, making the journey in just over 5 hours Speedy bat flies at 160km/h, smashing bird speed record. Brazilian free-tailed bats may have achieved speeds of up to 160 kilometres per hour in level flight, which would make them faster than any. Rolls-Royce Welcomes All-Electric Ground Support from Jaguar Land Rover for All-Electric Flight Speed World Record Attempt. Rolls-Royce's all-electric aircraft the 'Spirit of Innovation' will take to the skies for the first time in the coming weeks as we work towards a world-record attempt with a target speed of 300+ MPH (480+ KMH)

Land Speed Record game. These high performance aircraft engines had much more power than internal combustion engines and they were quickly adopted by the innovative designers of Land Speed Record cars. First out of the box was Craig Breedlove, an indefatigable campaigner, who built the jet powered Spirit of America Ground robot speed records raise hopes ARLINGTON, Va., March 7 (UPI) -- Record ground speeds achieved by robots in recent tests by the U.S. Department of Defense raise hopes more robots will be. Jaguar provides ground support for all-electric flight speed record bid. 08 July 2021 The all-electric Jaguar I-PACE is the towing and support vehicle for a UK-led programme aiming to claim the electric flight speed record later this year - with a target of 300+mph

PRINCIPLE 1: into wind, speed up. Taken to the most extreme example, when wind speed equals trim speed you are simply hovering over the hill. In this scenario increasing your speed obviously improves your glide over the ground. You will start moving forward and cover more ground A Virgin Atlantic jet set a new speed record on Monday, flying from LA to London in just over nine hours, after a powerful jet stream propelled it faster than the speed of sound.. The 787. The Boeing 747 hit a maximum estimated ground speed of 825 mph. the sub-five-hour flight broke the previous transatlantic record of 5 hours 13 minutes between New York and London

So far, the fastest anyone has run is about 27½ miles per hour, a speed reached (briefly) by sprinter Usain Bolt just after the midpoint of his world-record 100-meter dash in 2009. Image. This. Bloodhound Programme Ltd, the company behind the Bloodhound SSC land speed record attempt, was disbanded Friday after it failed to secure new funds. The attempt had been on hold since October 15. As the plane accelerated to a speed of 700 mph (1,127 km/h), or Mach 1.06, controllers on the ground heard the first sonic boom. (The end of a bullwhip moves faster than the speed of sound. Some.

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A wildfire has burned 90% of the village that recorded Canada's highest ever temperature, the local MP says. Brad Vis said the fire had caused extensive damage to Lytton, in British Columbia, and. Rolls-Royce has been one of the familiar names in the very early electric aircraft market. Its fully electric aircraft Spirit of Innovation is on the verge of attempting a new top speed record for an electric aircraft. It is aiming to fly 300+ mph (480+ km/h)

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Ever since Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes released, speed runners have been endlessly playing through the game, including the five additional side ops, trying to complete each mission as quickly as humanly possible.YouTuber DannyRodriguezFilms has accomplished a new world record within the game by completing the Renegade Threat side-op in just 1 minute and 27 seconds Center, Dusty 52 ground speed check. Before Center could reply, I'm thinking to myself, hey, Dusty 52 has a ground speed indicator in that million-dollar cockpit, so why is he asking Center for a readout? Then I got it, ol' Dusty here is making sure that every bug smasher from Mount Whitney to the Mojave knows what true speed is High-speed Ultra-fast Platform. Powered By Google Cloud. Running our service on Google Cloud guarantees premium availability and reliability and one of the fastest networks out there. Learn More. Powerful Caching Technology. All our sites get fully cached, which improves their performance up to 5 times Orbital speed: 7.66 km/s [failed verification] (27,600 km/h; 17,100 mph) the longest continuous human presence in low Earth orbit, having surpassed the previous record of 9 years and 357 days held by the Mir space station. The latest major pressurised module, in terms of ground path and time of day,. 24 minutes ago. When BLACKPINK 's Rosé sets her mind to something, she delivers, and she delivers fast. In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Rosé talked about her solo debut with the songs On The Ground and Gone.. She was asked about her experience when recording her debut song